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More chestnuts in Oltrepò! 

Autumn Feasts multiply in Oltrepò pavese, dedicated to autumn fruits and especially to Her Majesty the Chestnut 

We have not yet been to the Autumn Festival at Poggio Ferrato, planned for tomorrow, October 9th, and we just discovered another festival, scheduled for Sunday, October 16 in the small hamlet of Chiusani in Rocca Susella.

While Poggio Ferrato will celebrate fall, at Chiusani the queen of the festival will be the Chestnut in all its sweet and savory variations. We speak of the 34th edition of the Chestnut Festival.

The colorful poster suggests a traditional program made of peasant food, crafts and entertainment, not unlike that of Poggio Ferrato.

During the festival, the tourism association Calyx organizes a historical nature walk of a few hours in the area, through woods and chestnut trees in the Ardivestra Valley. The walk will also reach the ravine and erosion formations of Rocca Susella, two of the most important geological sites in the province of Pavia.

After the country-style lunch, which can also be booked in advance, in the afternoon the streets of the village will offer demonstrations of ancient crafts and of course allow to taste and buy chestnuts and their preparations: chestnut cake, bastarnà (roasted chestnuts), farsö (sweet pancakes ) and schita (savory pancake).

The poster of the chestnut festival in Chiusani, Oltrepò pavese

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