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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: L'Artigiano in Salice

As the name suggests, this place serves food from all over the world, prepared with artisanal care.

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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: Ristorante Selvatico

On our way to Voghera for an afternoon work appointment, today we can afford to take our time and dine out. The opportunity is perfect to enjoy an early summer meal in one of the oldest restaurants in the region.

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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: La Locanda Dei Beccaria

One of our favorite restaurants in Oltrepò Pavese

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The Best Snack? Bread And Salami

While the Oltrepò region is mostly renowned for wine, it also produces one of the jewels of Italian salami, the Varzi PDO. The best snack? Miccone Bread, Varzi salami and wine: what else?

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Stew In Summer, Why Not? Ristorante Buscone

In a tiny village, still shiny after the summer festival, there is a restaurant offering venison stew in summer. How can we resist?

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Harvest in Oltrepò

Looking around us: the Oltrepò Pavese region is an undiscovered, surprisingly beautiful land, known for only one thing. Guess what it is?

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