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Hello everyone, I am Ruggero, your host at Oltrella Country House. I live in the Oltrepò hills since 2017, but my love for country life started about ten years earlier, when I realized I was growing tired of hectic life in Milan and decided, together with my wife Stefania, to move to the country.

For about 10 years we lived in a small village and commuted to Milan every day for our jobs. From our windows we could see the hills of Oltrepò Pavese in the distance, so we started visiting the area on short Sunday trips. Gradually, I fell in love with the hills and, a few years later.... well, here I am!

Together with my wife and our many cats we are happy to welcome you to your country home in the green and  hilly Oltrepò Pavese
I love good food and wine and Oltrepò is an excellent dining destination. I am fond of music (I play the drums) and cats (we have many)
The funny faces on the selfie are us, Stefania and Ruggero, and this is our little story of change.
Curious about the story of Oltrella Country House?

How an old hunting lodge became our home 

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