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Oltrepò Pavese is a grape-shaped region in Lombardy, province of Pavia, about an hour drive south of Milan, less than two hours from the Como Lake and the Lake District. As you cross the river Po southbound, you enter the region.

Leave the river behind and keep heading south. The scenery changes from flat to hilly to mountainous. Small villages and castles dot the green landscape. You drove for just an hour but the city seems far, far away. You can now settle down and breathe. Welcome to Oltrella Country House. 

Over 700 kilometers of marked country and woodland paths await you on foot, on horseback or by bike.
Charming hamlets, historic homes, small noble castles, hermits are small dots on a green, curvy and mountainous landscape.
There is a lot to do for sporty people! Golf, nordic walking, paragliding, cycling up and down the hills... 
A small, green land with a passion for food and wine

Restaurants, wineries, farmhouses, organic produce to tickle your palate

Stay at Oltrella

Things to do, places to go

Max 50km away

  • Varzi
  • Thermal Baths in Salice Terme and Rivanazzano
  • Hermitage of Sant'Alberto di Butrio (see our review)
  • Giardino Alpino di Pietra Corva
  • Astronomical Observatory "Cà del Monte"
  • Pavia
  • Certosa di Pavia
  • Bobbio
  • Momperone Golf Course

50 - 100km away

  • Milano
  • Vigevano
  • Castell'Arquato
  • Parma
  • Acqui Terme
  • Serravalle Design Outlet (Shopping)

100 - 150km away

  • Como Lake
  • Genoa
  • Torino
  • Bergamo