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The Renovation Log 

My wife and I are really in love with our house, I think this is clear by now. Unlike other people who move to Oltrepò Pavese to live in the residence that belonged to their parents or grandparents, we had no relatives here. We just visited the area and I got the idea to move in. My wife agreed. I selected and visited a few mansions all around Oltrepò before choosing, and we never regretted our choice.

Unlike other ruins in the neighborhood, abandoned and collapsed, this one was relatively well preserved and partially renovated around the seventies. For many years it was used as a headquarters by a local association of hunters and was called "Hunting Lodge Guardamonte".

We were fascinated with the idea of fully restoring both wings of the house. The older part, the west wing, was large enough for our little family (the two of us plus the cats).

The east wing was in a much better shape and was already structured with different independent rooms that could easily become studio apartments, where we could welcome friends and tourists to enjoy this beautiful country. 

The renovation took about four years: from september 2016 to january 2020. Then we had a pandemic that kept us from opening the house, so we took the opportunity to make it even more comfortable and safe.

Finally, things seem to be getting better now and I feel confident enough to offer a country-style, quiet and safe stay to slow tourism lovers. 

A few snapshots from our diary

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