The House Is Changing…

After spending the summer visiting the House almost every weekend, bringing over tools and stuff, walking around the property, picking fruit or having fun taking pictures of the House “before the treatment“, when the work season restarted after the end of August the renovations began, the construction site was delimited and closed, and the access to non-professionals was prohibited (including us) for security reasons.

Oltrella restructuring
The scaffolding covering the whole west wing

In order to enter the house and see the progress of the restructuring for ourselves, we needed to be with the architect. So, after weeks of forced absence, a few days ago we were able to arrange an accompanied visit.

It was so good to be back!

The progress on the work was visible even from the outside, since the scaffolding now surrounded the West wing of the House and covered all of its height. We were able to walk around the house and access some of the rooms while the architect informed us about the progress made: the vaulted ceiling of the ancient cellar had been reinforced, the interior floors dismantled and almost completely rebuilt.

It was strange to take a guided tour of our house. It felt like we had stepped back more than a year, when the House did not belong to us yet and our guide was the realtor.

Oltrella, the vanished ceiling
Looking from the top floor through a removed ceiling

The visit lasted less than we would have liked, but it was enough to appreciate the progress of work. We left the house in the late afternoon (it is autumn now, and the days are much shorter).

We expected that the “heavy” work will continue throughout the month of October or until the weather will allow to work safely. The next big step, to be finished before winter, will be the  roof.

We do not know yet, whether the workers will be able to start the excavation of our dear pool bifore winter, or whether we will have to wait until next spring. Like those magnificent lyrics by Mogol say in a song written for Lucio Battisti: “Lo scopriremo solo vivendo”. Time alone will tell.