Little details grow up

It’s been a few months since we wrote our last article about the restructuring of Oltrella Country House.

We can hear you asking: what’s going on, did the work stop?

Well yes, it practically did stop. In winter, work progressed so slowly that in a blink of an eye spring was there and no result achieved. With spring however, work took momentum again and around mid-April it got even faster.

Every week, rain or shine, we have been visiting the site, but only in the last couple of months we could notice signs of real progress. By mid-May we saw that interior walls were completed and already sprayed with the marks of the new wiring, plumbing and heating systems.

One of the two original chimneys was coated following today’s standards, its old fireplace will house a new insert of norwegian make that will heat us in our winters.

All plumbing and wiring fixtures and materials have been ordered, and it seems that that part of the work will be completed pretty soon.

But the most complex and delicate work of all remains on the walls, and this is still going on really slow although we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel: stone walls cleaned up, reinforced with mortar or plaster, the windows expanded and aligned…

Every week we could notice new areas cleaned, plastered, completed.

The workers have promised that within a fortnight the walls will be finished and scaffoldings around the House can be removed. This means that hopefully they will start working on the balconies and, finally, to dig the pool.

As usual, we cross our fingers.