Hello, any roof out there?

A few weeks have passed since we became aware that the following step in the restructuring would be the roof. We were hopeful (as usual) to see the roof in place as we decided to pay a visit to our Oltrella. But, unfortunately the season did not help, as the typical rainy weather between october and november did its best to delay work.

casale-cantiere-18So, last Friday we went back to the construction site. It was a foggy day, but at least it was dry. And finally, this time we saw progress: the workers had removed the old roof’s framework and had started building the new one!

Visually, the house did not change much. However we kept our habit to take pictures on every visit of the construction site. Pictures can come useful to help remember details while we are far away from the house.

The following day was a bright, sunny, wonderful day. We hope that workers are able to take advantage and make good progress on the roof. They promised to complete the roof in a couple of weeks.

Well, promises are promises, we all know, but hopefully, with the help of a few sunny days in a row, workers can manage to keep them.