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Goodbye fog, hello sun! 

A cold and foggy winter day is inviting us to run away from the plains and go up in the hills to meet the sun. 

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, in a winter weekend, look out the window and see... absolutely nothing? The question is of course academic as we know the answer quite well: we are living it, in these very days, here in the Po Valley.

Don't you feel depressed, when fog envelopes and permeates the air? Everything becomes gray, flat, unhealthy and lazy. Fog increases the perception of winter cold and makes it even more penetrating. I bet you would like to go back to bed, turn away and continue to sleep in the hope that in a few hours the sun, albeit pale and uncertain, is able to cut the unhealthy layer of fog and show his face.

These are the chronicles of many winter days in the plains. The fog hides the sight of our familiar landscapes, city or country, the weather is cold and we just would like to be somewhere else.

The solution is simple: you have to leave the flat Po Valley, drive a few kilometers, gain a bit of altitude, and meet the sun.

In what direction? No question here: towards our Staffora Valley, towards Casale Oltrella!

At the entrance of the Staffora Valley, fog is already fading. At Godiasco we can say it is gone for good. After Ponte Nizza, as we leave the main road and drive uphill, the sun gets brighter, the air clearer. And yet we are not that far from home!

We stop at 400m altitude. Once in Casale Oltrella and get out of the car, the air has a sweet and fine perfume. We are not in the mountains, but the difference is noticeable, we feel it as we breathe. The sun is strong, it warms our clothes and goes deeper through the body. Enveloped in its warmth, it is a pleasure to be outdoors, walking through the meadows where the grass is still green, enjoying the views and the wonderful silence that we have already learned to appreciate.

On days like this, while breathing this air, we become impatient again to leave the plains and move here. However things are progressing, the House is on its way to renovation, we just need a few more months and we will be able to enjoy Oltrella Country House, for good.

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