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Fortunago, the garden of flowers and stone 

A visit to one of the charming historic villages in Oltrepò pavese: Fortunago 

Italy is famous worldwide for its magnificent cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Venice… but do you know that Italy is also dotted with tiny and quaint villages, placed in scenic positions on hilltops, beautiful to admire from afar, intriguing and magical as you get closer, full of history and atmosphere? They are called The most beautiful villages of Italy.

The Association "The most beautiful villages of Italy" gathers many small Italian centers marked by a strong historical and artistic interest. In Lombardy there are 19, in the province of Pavia there are a few. One of the first to join the association is Fortunago.

From the distance Fortunago does not immediately strike for its historical look. A large part of the medieval fortification was destroyed, and a tower is all that remains.

As you approach the village however, it becomes clear why Fortunago has entered the circle of the most beautiful villages in Italy: its carefully restored stone facades, porphyry paved streets, cast iron lamps, wooden benches, all contribute to preserving the atmosphere of its medieval past.

In the small center you do not see a gram of plastic or aluminum: everything is preserved as it once was, without excess, without that fake appearance of other historical reproductions.

While strolling through the narrow streets, you notice the extreme care for the public green as well as private flower beds, window sills and gardens, which in spring become a triumph of roses and geraniums.

This is not the first time we visit Fortunago. Having previously appreciated the charm of ancient stone that covers the village center, this time we loved the contrast of this very stone with the vivid color of flowers. For this reason we defined Fortunago a "garden of flowers and stone".

In a short, slightly uphill walk, you cross the village and reach the hill summit, with its town hall and church surrounded by a grassy square, from which the view spans over the hills of Oltrepò and, on clear days, reaches far to Monte Rosa, framed by the chestnut trees that adorn the garden.

This colourful spring flowery dress does not end at the village limits. It extends into the surrounding woods where you can safely walk on well-marked paths and enjoy the springtime view of primroses, daffodils and periwinkles. It's a perfect way to recharge your batteries after a stressful day, spending precious moments of peace and quiet and find new energy and inspiration from nature.

You find more Italian historic villages in the official site of the Association I borghi più belli d'Italia.

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