Coming up next: the roof

Three weeks after the last visit to the construction site, last friday we went back home for a quick visit. We braved the pouring rain at times to reach Oltrella, and thankfully by the time we got there it had stopped raining.

The old roof's framework at Oltrella
The old roof’s framework at Oltrella

But the rain had left its mark! On the roof of the house the tiles had been removed, in preparation for the imminent arrival of the new roof. On the old framework still in place, the workers had fixed a protective sheet, but the wind and rain had rudely swept away half of it, leaving it to rain inside the house as a wetting chick 🙁

We hope that the new roof will come soon !!!

However, our goal for this short visit was to observe and take snapshots of a few details on which we will have to take some decisions soon.

the new ceiling between ground floor and upstairs
the new ceiling between ground floor and upstairs

The first decision is about the old chimneys of the original fireplaces, and we will have to decide whether to internally coat them as suggested by the construction company. Then the fireplaces themselves, we will have to decide whether to use them as they are, i.e. the old way, or whether to insert a modern fireplace into the existing compartment. A new fireplace will be safer and more efficient but, of course, expensive.

Decisions, decisions …

The other decision relates to the iron beams that supported the old floors. We have observed and photographed them accurately because we are thinking of a small idea that was is sneaking into our minds… we will see how it takes shape. For the time being, let’s just say it is too early to cut them.

In a couple of weeks we expect the delivery and installation of the new roof, and finally our home will stay dry for the winter.


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