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Category: The Oltrepò Region 

The caves of San Ponzo

A 3 kilometer walk on a marked woodland path that leads to the caves that hosted the hermit San Ponzo.

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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: L'Artigiano in Salice

As the name suggests, this place serves food from all over the world, prepared with artisanal care.

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L'erba del vicino è sempre più... buona?

A furia di vivere in ambienti urbani, dove frutta e verdura crescono al supermercato, ci siamo dimenticati che molte erbe spontanee si possono cogliere, cucinare e mangiare. E che sapori!

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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: Ristorante Selvatico

On our way to Voghera for an afternoon work appointment, today we can afford to take our time and dine out. The opportunity is perfect to enjoy an early summer meal in one of the oldest restaurants in the region.

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Fortunago, the garden of flowers and stone

A visit to one of the charming historic villages in Oltrepò pavese: Fortunago

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Edward, the mysterious fate of King Edward II

From Braveheart to Sant'Alberto di Butrio, a story that unfolds a bit in England, a bit in Oltrepò

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The Hermitage Of Sant'Alberto di Butrio

A small hermitage of ancient power, fallen into ruin and recovered, nestled in the wooded hills of Oltrepò Pavese, which reserves more than a surprise ...

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Goodbye fog, hello sun!

A cold and foggy winter day is inviting us to run away from the plains and go up in the hills to meet the sun.

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Wining and dining in Oltrepò: La Locanda Dei Beccaria

One of our favorite restaurants in Oltrepò Pavese

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More chestnuts in Oltrepò!

Autumn Feasts multiply in Oltrepò pavese, dedicated to autumn fruits and especially to Her Majesty the Chestnut

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