Pumpkins to welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn!

A festival of tradition and taste welcomes Autumn on Sunday, 9th October, in a village close to Oltrella. We won't miss it, and you?

The House Is Changing…

In the last weeks the construction works of Oltrella restarted at full speed and we were not allowed to approach it for safety reasons. A few days ago we could finally arrange a visit, accompanied by our architect.

The Best Snack? Bread And Salami

While the Oltrepò region is mostly renowned for wine, it also produces one of the jewels of Italian salami, the Varzi PDO. The best snack? Bread, Varzi salami and wine: what else?

The Renovation Starts

Ten months after acquiring Oltrella Country House, ten months of anticipation and impatience, finally the renovation of the house is taking off.

Stew In Summer? Why Not?

In a tiny village, still shiny after the summer festival, there is a restaurant offering venison stew in summer. How can we resist?

The Oramala Castle

When visiting Oltrepò Pavese, if you head around Varzi you cannot miss a visit to the Oramala Castle.